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Neuropathy Treatment

Hi my name is Dr Linda Katz and many of you have known me as the red light therapy lady. We've been helping many people lose weight and inches. I myself have personally lost 80 pounds!

But what I'm most excited to share with you today is that we have found a 3 prong approach to helping those with Neuropathy.

You might be asking what is Neuropathy?

There are over 42 million people suffering from Neuropathy. Neuropathy is numbing, pain and TINGLING in your feet and it can also happen in your hands. Many people think it's cause your are diabetic or have had cancer treatment but there are other reasons why people come down with Neuropathy.

Unfortunately the only treatment that the medical society offers is Gabapentin, which has side effects, these drugs don't offer a cure. It's putting a bandaid on it but not helping. You gotta understand Neuropathy is a chronic progressive condition not an acute condition so therefore treating it like an acute condition wont solve the problem. What we do is we find the solution and we get results.

We have a 3 prong approach which means that we use nutrition, red light and a rebuilder to help increase the blood flow to the area. Now let me give you an example if you put a rubber band around your pinkie what would happen to the end of the pinky it would eventually die. That's what happens with neuropathy there is blocked blood vessels and what we do is we help open up those blood vessels, create new blood vessels to allow blood flow again. This decreases the tingling, numbing and the pain.

If you've ever spoken to anyone with Neuropathy you would be shocked that they're even walking and many of them can't walk. If they stay on the medical model eventually they'll have their feet amputated and then they'll be in a wheelchair there's no hope whatsoever for neuropathy in the medical model. We can give you hope now and we have a 97% success rate as we're using the Cancer Centers of America approach. So if you know someone that has neuropathy problems, whether they're a diabetic or not we can help!!!

Please give our office a call at (770) 461-2225 and we look forward to helping those who want to regain their health and mobility.