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Katz Pack

Let’s Get You Moving & Doing What You Love Again!

Everyday, I am directly responsible for helping my patients solve chronic pain. As a chiropractor for nearly 35 years, I know the direct connection between pain management and a better quality of life.

When we started to leverage the power of heat and cold therapy in my practice, patients got better faster and pain was managed for longer lengths of time. This is why I know that having access to a quality cold/hot, all natural, and long lasting Katz Pack can change lives! I have client testimonials from all ages and categories of families - pets can benefit too! I cannot wait for your family to try a Katz Pack and send me a testimonial as well!

Blue Tee'd Up Katz Pack

Handcrafted Wheat Relief Heat Pack

The Katz Pack is a natural heat/cold pack that can be used to relieve body aches, isolated pains and is also a wonderful way to relax and eas body tension (stess).

  • As a heat pack: relieves muscles and stiff joints
  • Distresses Naturally
  • Quickly Warms Hands and Feet
  • As a Cold Pack: use it for strains, spreains, swelling and its also gentle on children for hurts and boo boos.

Colors are not quaranteed at the time of puchase; we like to chagne them frequesntly to keep them lively and bright.

Please call Dr. Katz to place your order at 770-461-2225, or Email us by CLICKING HERE or purchase right off our website by CLICKING HERE!