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The Doctordoctor Linda Katz

Dr. Linda H. Katz

Dr. Linda H. Katz is originally from New York. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at New York University and practiced as an Emergency Room Nurse in Manhattan for six years. While working in nursing she began suffering with migraines. She was given pain medications that did little or nothing. Narcotics did not even stop the pain. Often she could not function because of pain and certainly she could not perform her duties as a Nurse under the influence of pain medications. A friend suggested chiropractic. She was so amazed and pleased with the results that she dropped out of the masters program in nursing and enrolled in Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia. Dr. Katz fell in love with Georgia. She opened her practice in Fayetteville, Georgia in July 1984 and states that “everyday is still a pleasure because it is a wonderful community of people who really appreciate the benefits of chiropractic and natural health care.”

Dr. Katz is the mother of two beautiful daughters. As Dr. Katz says “Like all mothers, I am witness to the miracle of my children learning, growing and changing. I am keenly aware of just how complex and mysteriously wonderful each child’s life is.

The Staff

The staff members of Fayette Chiropractic are trained healthcare professionals. Our goal is to help you achieve a better quality of life.